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NEW LENCO ST1200 - 5 SPEED     
$5000 (we accept PayPal)

Sorry, this item has sold

SOLD  ~  SOLD  ~  SOLD      ~  NEW LENCO ST1200  ~ 5 speed Transmission  ~     SOLD  ~  SOLD   ~  SOLD

Street-Strip Drag racing transmission built for serious powered Strret Car or Truck. This is by far the Meanest, Strongest, and Most
Intimidating Transmission that can be put in a Street Car or Truck. "Best of the Best" in Transmissions (Race Proven Technology).

I bought this Beast because it was the ONLY Transmission documented to hold the 1200 hp Engine that I had built for my
ProStreet '67 Camaro. I am no longer building the car ProStreet, and have no need for the transmission at this time.


The Trans was ordered for Chevrolet use... but Matt at LENCO said that he will swap out componets to fit buyers application.
Give Matt at LENCO a call with my LENCO serial # A9738 and he will tell you all about the Transmission.
You can reach him at... 619-287-2500 or 1-800-854-2944 or visit  w w w . l e n c o r a c i n g . c o m  for more information.

Thanks for your interest. Please check back for other items or projects for sale. To contact us about purchasing the LENCO
or for any other reason please email  i n f o @ B a r b y s S t r e e t R o d s . c o m  ...or call 209-772-2899.

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